The Book


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The ISBNs are:
Paperback: 978-3-96496-015-3
E-Book: 978-3-96496-016-0
Release date November 11, 2023

The Content

Do you believe in true love? Do you want more fulfilling, respectful, loving relationships in your life? If so, then join me, Sierra, as I guide you on a journey of self-transformation with true love as our destination. Packed into this guided workbook are a series of steps curated to help you specify, and clarify your mind, body, and spirit to make way for more love to come pouring in, and pouring out. By embarking on this journey, you are not only making your way toward the most amazing relationships you’ve ever had, but you are also helping bring humanity and the world toward a more loving place. Love may seem elusive, but it is your natural essence. By following the exercises and lessons in this book, you can peel back the layers guarding your heart to reveal your truest self – a divine being of light and love capable of giving and receiving abundant, limitless love.

The Author

Sierra Sophia Mercier is a former competitive figure skater turned actor, producer, author, and mom. She and her husband were the first winners of ‘The Knot Dream Wedding’ in 2013. They dedicated a portion of their honeymoon to volunteer work, and then created the travel series on YouTube, Love Set Run, inspiring people to make their travels altruistic. Sierra is also an award winning floral designer, artist, poet, and adventure athlete. A practicing Buddhist since 2008, Sierra is passionate about life, the planet, and helping people bring out their best, most loving selves. Connect with Sierra on Instagram @SierraSophiaMercier, or at

“How to Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner” by Sierra Sophia Mercier is an extraordinary journey into the realms of self-discovery and relationship building. This book transcends the boundaries of a typical self-help guide, offering a treasure trove of deeply personal and profoundly insightful stories from the author’s life. Mercier’s narrative is not just engaging, but it also serves as a beacon of wisdom, illuminating the path to understanding the complex dynamics of love and relationships. What sets this book apart is its dual nature: it’s both a riveting narrative and an interactive workbook. The exercises within are thoughtfully designed to encourage introspection and foster personal growth. By engaging with these activities, readers are not just passively absorbing information; they are actively participating in their journey towards attracting a cosmic love partner. Mercier’s writing style is both eloquent and accessible, making complex concepts easy to grasp. Her stories resonate with authenticity and are relatable, providing real-world examples of how to navigate the often challenging waters of love and relationships. Through her guidance, readers learn to cultivate relationships that are not just fulfilling, but also respectful and loving. “How to Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner” is a must-read for anyone on the quest for a deeper, more meaningful love. Sierra Sophia Mercier has crafted a guide that is as enlightening as it is enjoyable, filled with wisdom that is sure to enrich the lives of its readers.

Renee Dutton, International Best-Selling Author

“When I think of magic, I think of Sierra. One day she simply asked me what I wanted, and I replied with, “I think I’m ready to meet somebody. The one.” […] This ever-so powerful book will share all of Sierra’s secrets to have you manifesting the love of YOUR lifetime.”

Dr. Shabnam Islam

“How To Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner” is so effortlessly informative and valuable. […] I even have an amazing man in my life now that I am starting to date, which I attribute to doing the work in this book!”

Kelly Pantaleoni, Actress, Humanitarian, Writer & Producer

“The Cosmic Love Guidebook provides an awakening experience that changes the way you approach dating. […] This book changed my life and helped guide me to find the person of my life, my wife.”

Demetrius Freeman, Photojournalist

“Sierra is a mystical conductor on the love train, ensuring all who hop aboard will arrive to their cosmic love destination as well as enjoy the ride along the way. […] If you are ready to believe in cosmic love and receive your deepest desires manifested in your dream partner, this is the book for you!”

Tiffani Marie Wilshire, Divine Communicator

“Sierra’s book provides great wisdom and exercises for everyone. As I read it, I could hear Sierra’s voice giving me hope, confidence, and encouragement. […] I know her book helped my love bloom. I’ve never felt more confident in a relationship, and I am so grateful.”

Jessica Alberi, The Conscious Classroom Teacher